Transylvanian castles, palaces, and churches from the bequest of photographer Josef Fischer

Our Archive holds the Photographs by Josef Fischer (fond ID: MKCS-C-I-121), who was employed in the Sibiu (in Hungarian: Nagyszeben, in German: Hermannstadt) workshop of his famous brother, the photographer Emil Fischer (1873-1965). The majority of Emil’s photos later ended up in the Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu. The bequest contains numerous glass negatives of Transylvanian monuments. These are complemented by the meticulously compiled and labeled photo album (Ungarische Schlösser und Trachten), whose pasted photographs were in part based on the negatives. Following is an extended selection from Josef Fischer’s glass negatives, mainly photos of castles, palaces and churches as well as some city views.


Látkép 2020 Művészettörténeti fesztivál honlap link

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