“Motherland and Progress” - A Concise History of Hungarian Architecture and Design 1800-1900

“Motherland and Progress” – the motto reflected the programme embraced by Hungary in the nineteenth century in its drive to define its identity and shape its future. It is most evident in architecture, which rose from slumbering provincialism to international brilliance. The greatest achievement was beyond doubt Budapest, evolving into a dazzling, world-class metropolis by the end of the century. The volume focuses not only on architecture, but also on the means by which the buildings were decorated and furnished, encompassing objects of representation and everyday life. The broader contexts of urban planning and garden design are also taken into consideration. Besides the traditional art historical approach, the topics are discussed from a sociological and cultural-anthropological angle. This is the most detailed survey yet of nineteenth-century Hungarian architecture and design in English, written by leading Hungarian experts. For ordering please click here.

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