Male Bonds in Nineteenth-Century Art

Male Bonds is a two-day international conference that will take place in the Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium, on Tuesday May 15 and Wednesday May 16, 2018. Our colleague, Éva Bicskei is going to participate in the event with her lecture entitled: An alliance of virtue: Masculinity, self-reformation, and public actors in Hungary in the Reform Age.

The conference is organized by Ghent University and the European Society for Nineteenth-Century Art (ESNA) ; in cooperation with the University of Antwerp and the Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent ; and with the support of the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO), of Radboud University’s Institute for Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies, of the Dutch Postgraduate School for Art History (OSK) and of the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD).

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The conference will probe, challenge and expand upon the academic narrative of male homosociality through the lens of art history. It aims to establish an overview of a variety of male bonds that underpinned nineteenth-century art, and to consider the theoretical and methodological implications of the study thereof. In so doing, it seeks to build a bridge between traditional art-historical scholarship and the fields of gender and gay and lesbian studies: an interdisciplinary exchange of which the full potential for scholarship on the nineteenth century remains to be exploited.


Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe

The "Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe" (http://ernie.uva.nl) brings to fruition a major collaborative enterprise, involving 350 authors and covering countries and nationalist movements from Iceland to Azerbaijan. CEU has been an important collaborator in this project, which was funded by the Spinoza Award, the premier scientific prize in the Netherlands. CEU functioned as a Central-European hub for the Encyclopedia's transnational macroregional scope and as a collaborator in the developing field of comparative and transnational history.

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After the presentation, a Round Table will be held to discuss the project's methodological and historical implications and its topical political relevance in today's Europe. The Round Table, chaired by Balazs Trencsenyi,  brings together panellists from various parts of the Continent: CEU affiliates Zsuzsa SidoMaciej Janowksi and Francesco La Rocca, and the Italian and Estonian historians Francesca Zantedeschi and Marek Tamm.


From London to Vienna and Central Europe: Museums of Art & Design in the Habsburg Empire

It is well known that the South Kensington Museum provided the model for the establishment of museums of design and industry across Austria-Hungary. Yet how closely were its practices emulated, and how did they change once the idea of the design museum encountered local priorities and contexts? This workshop brings together curators and researchers from museums in the former Habsburg territories with researchers from the Leverhulme-funded project Exhibiting National and Imperial Identities at the University of Birmingham to discuss this question. Miklós Székely, research fellow of the insititue will present his recent researches on the Museum of Industry of Kolozsvár/Cluj Napoca (1887-1918). For the program please click here

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Restoring Art Nouveau

As part of the project Sustainable protection and promotion of the Art Nouveau heritage in the Danube region, the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts is pleased to invite you and your partner to the conference and workshop Restoring Art Nouveau. Mr. József Sisa, former director of our institute will chair the morning session. In the conference section, experts from many fields will present examples of successful Art Nouveau building restorations and the protection of Art Nouveau heritage at various points in the Danube region, while the workshops deal with technical questions of restoration.




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