Collection of Archival Regestae


The Collection of Archival Regestae of the Research Institute for Art History collects data from different national, regional and local archives that are considered significant from an art historical point of view or that could be profitable for art historical research.
The history of the collection goes back to two predecessor institutions, the Documentation Center for Art History (founded in 1950) which was followed by the Research Group for Art History (founded in 1969). The systematic research and gathering of data started in 1950. Data of the medieval, baroque and 19th century art were collected and registered from the archives in Hungary that showed relevance for art historical research. As a result of this systematic work, more than 200000 regestae/index cards have been produced by now, which are at the service of art historians' to assist their research work and get information about the records preserved in major archives of Hungary. The collection was further enriched by purchases of bequests, by donations, records or data taken over from other institutions.

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 The regestae include the reference number of the respective archival material and provide a short abstract of the content of those documents that have art historical relevance. The file cards of the archival items constitute related series and follow the order of the original archival material. The series of the file cards follow the order of the archives and institutions where the original materials are kept. The majority of these file cards are indexed by locations and personal names and can be researched accordingly.

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